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Pool Light Repair & Replacement

Is your pool light broken or not working properly? Is there water in your pool light?

Klein Pool Care fixes pool lights. We will determine whether you simply need a bulb replaced or whether you need your entire electrical fixture replaced. We can fix either problem. We can get your pool light working again. There are many options today from LED white light to LED color lights that put on a show. Not only is it enjoyable to have a pool light for nighttime swimming, but it is also a safety device. When your pool light is on at night, you can see if anyone has accidentally fallen in the pool. The light enables you to see to the bottom of your pool at night. We can even help you set your remote control so that your pool light comes on automatically at a certain time each night. Call us for your swimming pool light repair needs.

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We offer flexible financing options for our repair and replacement services with NO credit check required.

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