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Filter Types & Filter Backwash We Repair

There are 3 main styles of filters, all of which should normally be cleaned once a month, more during times of heavy debris and sometimes less is acceptable during periods of clear weather and ideal conditions.

In order to find your filter type your system will normally have a sticker indicating one of the following types:

1. Cartridge filter

Cartridge Filters have a large paper type filter inside (looks like a large car/truck air filter) these filters will have a screw lock or knob to loosen the lid of filter assembly. Once the lid is removed you will be able to pull the filter out and clean by using the water hose with a pressure nozzle to rinse the debris off the filter. These filters normally will be replaced every 2-3 years they also have an o-ring seal like the pump strainer lid that should be cleaned and treated the same. These filters should be cleaned every 3 months.

Cartridge Filters Cartridge Filters

2. D.E. filter

Diatomaceous Earth filters will have 8-10 filter grids inside the filter assembly that the D.E. powder sticks to and creates the filtering method. Backwashing of a D.E. filter is done by turning the main valve from the filter position to the back wash position. Always turn the pump off when rotating the valve. About 20 second after turning the pump on in the backwash position you should see the waste water running out (look at the sight glass if your waste water doesn’t come out near the filter) turn to a dirty brown color once the water turns clean the filter is clean (normally), if not repeat this process again. Consult the label on filter to see how much D.E. to add back. This is done by measuring out the D.E. mixing with water into a bucket and creating a slurry, and then pouring the D.E. slowly back into the skimmer make sure you have turned the valve back to the filter position. The waste position on the main valve just drains water out of the pool it doesn’t clean the filter. Remember to add water to the pool while performing a backwash. To clean this filter you must completely remove all grids. This should be done by a professional to ensure proper reassemble. DE filters should be cleaned at least 2 times per year.

DE Filters DE Filters DE Filters

3. Sand Filters

In Sand Filters backwashing is done the same as a D.E. filter however the sand stays in the assembly you only add sand during a complete sand filter replacment.

Sand Filters

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