c Draining a Swimming Pool to Clean the Sides with a Power Washer | Klein Pool Care in Houston, TX
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Drain & Clean Pool

(Fee is dependent on pool size and build-up of debris in pool.)

Can’t see the bottom of your swimming pool due to the algae? We have a solution for pool owners being challenged with a green pool.

We can bring your pool back to a like new condition with one of our drain and clean pool services. Stop fighting the green pool. You probably will lose the battle and continue to flush more time and cash at the problem. We usually receive the call from the pool owner after they’ve made multiple attempts to fight the green swimming pool problem themselves. Only to find the algae has returned to spoil, yet another day of swimming in a crystal blue clean and safe pool.

Swimming Pool prior to drain and clean Pool after drain and clean

If you can see the bottom of the pool. You should be okay with our standard drain and pool cleaning service, which includes pressure washing. However, if you cannot see the bottom of your pool. We may recommend you order our drain and acid wash. If you’re pool hasn’t been maintained in a while or perhaps your pump may have been off or not functioning properly. You’ll end up with a swampy green pool that most likely will require our acid wash process.

Process of Draining and Cleaning Swimming Pool

  • Drain Water From Pool
  • Clean Debris From Bottom Of Pool
  • Pressure Wash Walls And Bottom
  • Drain Dirty Water From Pool
  • Clean And Inspect Filters

Customer responsibility:

  • Homeowner is responsible for turning water off to ensure water does not overflow
  • Notify us of any pool equipment issues