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Pool Cleaning in the Summertime

As the weather starts to heat up, if your pool has not been properly taken care of over the winter months or chemicals haven’t been adjusted for spring, you will soon start to see algae growing, which if left untreated can quickly turn your blue pool into a green pool.

Watch out for snakes!

In the pool business, we are fairly accustomed to dealing with animals in swimming pools-mice, rats, frogs, crawfish, and turtles. In addition, we sometimes have to deal with snakes in swimming pools...

Using a Solar Pool Cover to Heat your Pool

Its starting to warm up a bit in Houston, and for pool owners that don’t have heaters, you may be wanting to use your pool already! (but before the pool temperature is to your liking) One solution is a solar blanket..

Pool Workouts / Excercises

Working out is fun when you’re splashing in a pool. Aquatic exercises can burn fat fast and water is one of the best fitness tools: It provides resistance, which strengthens muscles and boosts cardio intensity. It also supports some of your weight, making workouts easier on joints and reducing injury. Aquatic exercises can help you heal faster too...

Christmas gift ideas for pool owners

Its only 13 days till Christmas, and for those of us looking for last minute gifts, or presents for those people who have everything, stop looking. I’ve put a list together of some really fun ideas for pool owners… (along with pictures and links to purchase these items)

Keep Warm with an Outdoor Fireplace

The holidays are fast approaching, with Thanksgiving being next week and Christmas right around the corner, many of us have high stress. Imagine how nice it would be to come home from shopping with the crowds, or a long day at work, and be able to sit outside and unwind by your custom firepit or fireplace.

Is It Time to Replaster your Pool?

There are many variables that affect the longevity of your pool's plaster. Some of these factors can include...

Preventing Freeze Damage in Pools

Here in the Houston area our temperatures rarely get very far below freezing, but taking precautionary measures will ensure your pool and equipment are protecte

Quick Tips & Helpful Hints

Klein Pool Care checks the following items on your weekly service visits, but it is always helpful for pool-owners to know key items to check on a regular basis.

Fall pool care tips

Just because it is Fall on Monday September 22, not everyone is rushing to get out their jackets and boots yet! Here in the Houston area, swimming pools are still being used – even as the leaves begin to change color.

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