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Basic Winter Service Performed Twice per Month

Our basic winter service package for pool cleaning starts at and is performed on the 1st and 3rd week of each month during the months of November-February. The overall fee is dependent on your pool size and the amount of foliage that could contribute to the cleanliness of the pool.

Pool Cleaning

  • Testing water chemicals and PH balance
  • Add Chemicals (as needed)
  • Inspect water level and refill as needed
  • Empty debris from skimmer basket
  • Empty lint pot basket
  • Check Time Clock or Digital System
  • Visual Inspection of Pool Equipment
  • Brush Pool

Customer Responsibilities

Business Hours

Our regular business hours in March through October are Monday–Friday 8am – 5pm. November through February hours are Monday–Friday 9am – 4pm. You may contact us 24/7 from this site and we will respond the following business day.

Do you have questions about your Pool System? Check Out Our Glossary of Pool Knowledge or FAQ.